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October 17 2014

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October 15 2014

bye we were just out and josh was giving me shit for the whole deal w rich and he asked me how I can do that to myself. and it’s true and now I’m sad so I came home and it’s boring and I don’t want to do anything but I don’t want to sleep

I made vegan creamy garlic pasta with roasted plum tomatoes for dinner it was pretty good. I have one episode of breaking bad left and I’m going to take a shower and buy some cider and try not to be sad about amy being gone

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Ashley & Mary Kate Olsen by Bruce Weber for Vogue Germany, November 2014

I just cleaned up my little corner of the room and changed my sheets it’s so nice

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Thankin about you. Na Kim, 2013

I got breaking bad and chinese food and kisses I’m not too bothered

rich came home really drunk and woke me up at 1am to watch an episode of breaking bad and now I can’t get back to sleep and my 3G is down so I can’t stream masterchef

October 14 2014

the worst part is that it tripped in the staff quarters so we can’t blame idiot guests

the fire alarm in the hostel has been going off for like half an hour and we don’t have the key to turn it off

what’s the deal with boys liking girls being mean to them

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October 13 2014

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a selfie / part time lover / javi / rubo

October 12 2014

watching masterchef and eating chocolate in bed is my new secret shame

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I looked cute as hell last night and I didn’t take any good selfies

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last night was good

October 11 2014

it’s been mostly a really beautiful 4 months but september has been pretty bad

I wish I could relive this summer. I wish I didn’t stop writing everything down

October 08 2014

afternoons here are kinda poison at the moment everyone is off being couply and we have no good guests and it’s so cold and rainy so I just get lonely and bored and take lots of naps

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